Appropriate work up of patients with pre-operative tests is a crucial part of providing a safe and efficient elective surgery services to patients and communities. It is a process which involves surgeons, anaesthetists, general practitioners, and specialist nurses to ensure that planned surgical treatment is carried out with appropriate considerations to patient risk.

Insufficient pre-operative testing leaves patients open to higher peri-operative risks of surgical or anaesthetic complications while over-testing leads to unnecessary delays in the patient treatment pathway.

Previously pre-operative testing was done in a highly variable and subjective fashion. More recently, the national National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) issued guidelines in 2003 on how patients should be tested depending on their co-morbidities, severity of surgery, and their functional status. However, these guidelines are complicated and difficult to use for the individual patient.

Our Preoperative Assessment Tool will help you determine which tests are recommended in the pre-operative workup of your patient by current NICE guidelines (2003) based on the patient’s age, ASA grade, co-morbidities, and grade of surgery. It will generate a results table summarizing all the recommended tests. To use it, follow the simple instructions below.

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