Below are some links to helpful resources about pre-operative assessment and testing. – Well known surgical education resource site Surgical Tutor has a brief outline on the aims and objectives of preoperative planning and what issues should be discussed by surgeons with their patients. – A brief guide to preoperative assessment of patients for doctors.

NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement – A government website with information on how to run a effective preoperative assessment service.

NICE Preoperative tests: full guideline – This is the full PDF version of the latest NICE guidelines on preoperative testing, issued in June 2003.

NICE Preoperative tests: guideline poster – This PDF file contains a summary of the recommendations of the current NICE preoperative testing guidelines.

NICE Preoperative tests: appendices – The appendices to the above full guidelines have some valuable information in how the evidence was reviewed and recommendations made.

European Society of Cardiology – The ESC guidelines (2009) deal with preoperative cardiac risk assessment and investigation in patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery.

British Geriatrics Society – An informative PDF presentation on preoperative cardiology investigations for elderly patients undergoing routine surgery.

AnaesthesiaUK – An article on the preoperative assessment in the elderly with a review of organ system changes to be considered in the process.

The Preoperative Association – This is a national association of healthcare professionals working in the area of preoperative medicine. It has links to meetings and training days in the field held across the country.

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